In our careers we have two choices. We work for a company helping build their goals and achievements with our skills, strengths and experiences or we work for yourself to build on your ambitions, goals and achievements using the same skills, strengths and experiences. Who's dreams are you helping build?

Have you had those same thoughts? 

A few years ago I decided I was done helping someone else build their business and set out on my own, to build on my dreams. I always dreamt of being my own boss, setting my own hours and doing things my way. Have you had those same thoughts?  My  opportunity presented itself when a close friend suggested I looking into selling physical products on Amazon. After looking into what its' all about, I found it blended well with my skills and experiences, I started my own company and away I went. I have come to love it!

I'm going to share my successes and failure with you, to give you a look into what's it's about. This is why I've decided to write a blog, to document my journey, thoughts, and insights into selling physical products online.

My Plan for helping you

My initial focus will be on news and info about selling on Amazon because of my current success there. My plan is to expand into other areas such as eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Shopify and my own website, to name a few. As I develop my business in those area's, I'll be writing about them also. I'll be covering with you why, what, where, how to sell on each of the platforms, along with whom they work best for. We'll cover how to maximize your sales and profits. I'll include product and sourcing ideas, how to pack and ship products, how to price and minimize competition. It's not all about maximizing profits though, it's taking care of customers. yourself, your family, and enjoying the journey of doing it your own way. There is plenty of room or everyone.

With over 30 years of marketing experience in many varied fields, I'll be covering other areas of marketing, business and life's journey's which are of interest to me and I feel will benefit you as well. I really hope you enjoy them too! Feel free to drop me a note on your comments, concerns, and questions about my subject matter. I would love to hear from you on your thoughts, feeling, and observation about my writing, I might use them for future content.

More about how i started my Journey

With a few hundred-dollar investment, I started as a third-party seller selling on Amazon. I've developed my business by studying market trends and consumer buying habits which have resulted in creating value for consumers with products and bundled products focused on their demands, wants and needs. I've applied my experiences in sales, marketing and merchandising to create product listings with an emphasis on images and descriptions so that consumers like, trust and understand them. This has worked out to be a winning combination.


I’ll ask the question again. Who’s dreams are you helping build? Would you like to build on your dreams? If so then selling physical products online might be the answer for you as well. You can do it on a full time or part time. It can be quite satisfying. You can do it for the enjoyment, to create a living wage, earn extra money for things like a college fund, vacation or early retirement. Stay with me, and you'll see what I mean.

 I'm glad to see you here and look forward to you being part of the community. Want to start selling on Amazon? Click here for my one page document I created that gives you step-by-step instructions.  Feel free to share my blog by clicking one of the links below. Remember to follow me on Social media also.

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