Louis Kreppert


I am a consultant, coach and speaker. My Focusing is to help small businesses promote and market their products more effectively online through 3rd party channels such as Amazon and eBay. My intent is to improve your bottom line for greater success and higher profits.

My journey started by selling on Amazon with a few hundred dollar investment as a third party seller. I've grown my business by studying marketplace trends and consumer buying habits, resulting in creating value to the consumer with products and bundling products focused on consumer needs, wants and desires. Once I mastered Amazon it was time to move on to the other platforms available namely eBay, Bonanza and the many others available for selling physical products online.

 I use my 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, which includes over a decade of brick and mortar retailing, to create product listings with emphasis on images and descriptions so that consumers like, trust and understand them. Additionally, along my journey, I've learned how to import products to also obtain sales.

As a result of my success, people asked me to help them achieve the same results, which I now do through consulting.

I continue selling on Amazon, eBay and other 3rd party platforms to stay in tune with changes in consumer/business buying habits along with changes in their policies, procedures, and terms of service, then share those results with my clients.

I'm proficient in Amazon's programs of FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and MF (Merchant Fulfilled) methods. Both are third party seller programs Amazon offers. I'm also proficient in servicing customers directly, shipping and supply chain management.

Are you looking to start selling through 3rd party channels or is your business struggling with promoting products on them? either way, Contact me today to realize your full potential.

Together we'll make a great team!